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Ideal Village and WHEELS Conference, Nov. 11-13, 2022

“Rural Transformation for Sustainable Growth”

Best Practices Global Competition for Rural Development

Letter of Intent

(Max. 2 pages, Arial Font size 11, 1-inch margins)


Purpose of LOI:  The Best Practices Evaluation committee will review all LOIs submitted by entrants, and, then invite selected entries to submit a detailed Application which ensures their participation in the full Competition.

Name of Organization:

Type of Organization: Non-profit/ Start-Up Co./Village Society/Academic/Co-op Society/Other

Registered Address:


  1. Problem Statement: The problem that you have addressed

  2. Statement of Need: The “why” of the project

  3. Your Unique Solution:  eg. using technology, how you addressed this need or any other type of innovation in your project

  4. Project Activities:  The “how” and “what” of your project

  5. Team, Collaboration partners: team size, location, skills, diversity, external advisors, collaborators, mentors, Govt departments; how did you involve local stakeholders in the community

  6. Outcomes:  The “so what” of the project, how did it change human lives, how many people affected.

  7. Impact Assessment (if any) – how was this done

  8. Next Steps:  How will you scale (expand) and sustain this project, say, over the next 5 years?

  9. Closing Statement:  Give any additional information that you feel will help us invite a full proposal (eg. How did this contribute to holistic rural development; any special lessons learned? Any unexpected findings; innovative solutions, use of technology, etc)

  10. Contact details:  Email, phone number(s), any other contact details for 2 persons in your organization (1 will serve as backup)

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