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2019 Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Rural and Under-served Urban Community Development


The 4th Annual Ideal Village Conference will serve as a forum for corporate leaders, social and academic experts, NGOs, impact investors, startups and others to share and discuss CSR initiatives to revitalize underserved rural and urban communities. 


  • Sharing of Information – needs, solutions, case studies, lessons learnt, success models to replicate, issues to address.

  • Forum for Collaboration, Networking, Sharing of CSR-driven social impact experiences and outcomes.

  • Developing outcomes-driven action plans for future implementation.

Target Audience

  • Corporates: Global MNCs, Silicon Valley and N American companies, Startups.

  • Non-Profits: Universities, NGOs, Government & UN agencies, WHO, etc.

  • Investors: Private Foundations, VCs, Social impact investors.

Sessions will cover (Keynote and panel discussion in each session)

  1. Healthcare & Nutrition

  2. Education & Connectivity

  3. Water, Food, Energy & Sanitation

  4. Livelihoods & Entrepreneurship: 

    • Technology for Empowering Rural Women

    • Lessons from India’s CSR Policy and Ecosystem for promoting rural development

    • Inclusive Capitalism

Conference format includes breakouts & plenty of time for attendees to interact and network.
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