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2020 Ideal Village Conference

Sustainability and the Pandemic: Ensuring Human and Environmental Well-Being

The 2020 Conference focuses on the challenges created and the lessons learnt from the Coronavirus Pandemic in pursuing solutions for sustainable rural development.  Over the years, accelerated rural developmental programs based on urban models have often created high-risk scenarios to the environment and local habitats, while posing health hazards to the rural population. 


Examples of risk scenarios include thoughtless application of pesticides, GMO foods, chemical treatments for water and sanitation, widespread use of non-degradable (single use) plastics, processed foods and antibiotics, which threaten long-term sustainability in rural areas.  Uncontrolled urban development and consumptive lifestyles have also contributed to social inequities, climate change, unmanageable waste, contamination of natural resources including vital farm soil, rivers, forests, and oceans, resulting in higher incidence of cancers, genetic mutations, mental illnesses, stress-induced health problems, and so on. Given the additional burden of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we must revisit the challenges of sustainable rural development through new thinking, relying on experiential learning, scientific data, and frameworks for social justice. 

The 5th Annual Ideal Village Conference will serve as a forum for renowned thought leaders, corporate executives, government, social and academic experts, social impact investors, and nonprofits to address sustainable rural developmental challenges in the context of pandemic-related constraints. Sessions will highlight Sustainability efforts in Healthcare & Nutrition, Education, Water, Renewable Energy, Sanitation, and Livelihoods in the era of the pandemic.


Experts and keynote speakers will share their vision, experiences, innovative ideas, successes which promote sustainability solutions to create Ideal Villages which broadly conform to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Also featured is a Special Session on “Eternal Values for Sustainability”, which will explore solutions and insights from ancient civilizations that emphasized a healthy balance between human development and conservation of natural resources to ensure longevity and sustainability of the planet.

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