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Agenda - 5th Ideal Village Conference at Stanford

Theme: Sustainability and the Pandemic: Ensuring Human and Environmental Well-Being

Wednesday, October 14

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7:15 AM

Welcome & Ideal Village Update

7:15 AM

Dr. Kanwaljeet S Anand, Professor of Pediatrics, Stanford University School of Medicine CA - Welcome

7:20 AM

Dr. Sundar Kamath, Senior VP, Sanmina Corp. San Jose CA - Ideal Village Project Update 

7:30 AM

Sustainable Livelihoods

Session Chair/Moderator: AG Karunakaran, CEO MulticoreWare Inc, and, President Elect (2021) TIE Silicon Valley CA

7:35 AM

Keynote: Dr. Manoj Nardeosingh, Secy General, African Asia Rural Development Org, New Delhi - Enhancing Cooperation and a Systemic Approach towards Sustainable Livelihood in Villages of Africa and Asia

7:55 AM

John Rounsaville  Mississippi State Development Authority, MS - Unearthing Economic and Employment Opportunities in Rural Communities

8:10 AM

Priya Naik, CEO Samhita Ventures, Mumbai - Providing relief and a pathway to recovery for those affected by the COVID-19 crisis

8:25 AM

Suresh Shenoy, President WHEELS Foundation, VA -  Entrepreneurship & Collaboration as the Core for Sustainable SMART Villages

8:40 AM

Panel Session with all presenters + zoom audience Q&A

9:00 AM

Clean Energy & Water

Session Chair/Moderator:  Brook Porter, G2VP (Kleiner Perkins) CA

9:05 AM

Fireside Chat: Brook Porter & Dr. Sundar Kamath with Dr. K R. Sridhar, Founder & CEO, Bloom Energy CA - The Pandemic and prospects for a Sustainable, Clean Energy Planet

9:25 AM

Rachel Kyte, Dean The Fletcher School, Tufts University MA - Energy, climate change, environmental impact, the pandemic: framework for global sustainability

9:35 AM

Bill Lenihan, CEO Zola Electric CA:  Energy access and development in rural markets based on experience in Africa 

9:45 AM

Ruyintan (Ron) Mehta, Executive Director WIN Foundation NJ - Clean Water Innovations at Grass Roots: Experiences

9:55 AM

David Crosweller, Co-founder, Sanitation First, UK - Sustainable Sanitation: A Practical Solution for People and Planet   

10:05 AM

10:30 AM

10:50 AM

Panel Session with all presenters + zoom audience Q&A

CLOSING KEYNOTE:  Mohamed Amersi, Founder & Chairman The Amersi Foundation UK:  The new Normal, post-Pandemic: A Perspective

Wrap-up for the Day / Open Discussion:  Dr. Sundar Kamath, Senior VP, Sanmina Corp.

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