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2018 Conference on Empowerment of Women

8:30 am - 10 am

Healthcare - Dr. KJS Anand (session chair)

  • Dr. Rajiv Bahl - WHO Directorate (Geneva) -  Maternal and new born survival: in the SDG era PDF

  • Dr. Clea Sarnquist  - Africa Health - Stanford Global Health -  Empowerment for health outcomes: engaging women & girls for community change (Africa) PDF

  • Dr. Shruti Prabhu - Divine Mother & Child Health Program (Naya Raipur, India) -  Improving Accessibility and Building Capacities for Quality Maternal and Child Healthcare  PDF  YouTube

  • Arvind Thiagarajan - HD Medical, Santa Clara CA -  HDSteth device for cardiac screening & monitoring PDF

  • Discussion - Take aways from the session - focus on scaling the successful models

  • Outcome action plan focus - To improve/scale healthcare delivery models for women & children in rural and under-served communities  

10 am - 10:20 am

KEYNOTE - ​Venkatesan Ashok, Consul General of India, San Francisco

​Venkatesan Ashok, Consul General of India - Smart Villages and Rural Development PDF

10:30 am - 12 noon

Energy & Education - Dr. Anjini Kochar (session chair)

  • Dr Sally Benson - Stanford Precourt Energy Institute - Empowering rural women by clean energy access PDF

  • Marilyn Waite - Hewlett Foundation - Women leading the green economy PDF

  • Bhuvana Santhanam - Sai Mission, India - Model for values-driven, culturally-based educational system for girls in Karnataka, India YouTube

  • PANEL - Anuradha Jagadeesh (Moderator) Philanthropist - Effective education and literacy growth models for girls education in rural / under-served areas PDF

  • Panel members - S Padmaja (ILP), Ranjani Saigal (Ekal) 

  • Outcome action plan focus Scaling value based educational models to create opportunities for the girl child and young women in rural and under-served areas 

12:45 pm - 1:45 pm

Gender Equality, Leadership - Kelly O'Brien (session chair)

  • Jill Von Berg - CIO, Calix Networks - The Enduring Legacy of Empowered Women 

  • PANEL - Shalini Nataraj (Moderator) - Ing Foundation - Gender equality & Leadership panel

  • Panel members - Anne Murray (Stanford), Kate Byrne (Watermark), Vibha Bakshi, Trishala Deb PDF (TC) - Practical steps needed for improving gender equality in rural and urban settings 

  • Outcome action plan focus - Changes needed in government policies and social programs to encourage/enhance equality and leadership opportunities 

1:45 pm - 3 pm

Sustainable Livelihoods - Kate Byrne (session chair)

  • Karin Lion - Digital Green Inc. - Self-targeted learning among women farmers using the locally available digital technology PDF

  • Dr. Ashok Khosla - Development Alternatives Group (New Delhi) - TARA Hubs as Supports for Ideal Villages PDF

  • PANEL - Raju Reddy  (Moderator) - Kakatiya Sandbox - Directing social impact investment funds for women's livelihoods

  • Panel members - Bete Demeke (Mercy), Kate Cochran (Upaya), Raju Goteti (TCS) PDF - Impact investing for scaling the successful livelihood models

  • Outcome action plan focus - Leveraging social impact investments, and CSR funding to create sustainable livelihoods for women in rural / under-served communities

3:15 pm - 4 pm

Enterprenuership Panel - Meera Kaul (session chair)

  • PANEL Meera Kaul (Moderator) - Board member, Arnimaal - Enabling women entrepreneurship in rural environs PDF

  • Panel members - Amelia Ahl (TMF), Abhishek Sinha (Eko) 

  • Outcome action plan focus - Address challenges faced by woman entrepreneurs and what's needed to empower rural women in a male-centric business ecosystem?  

4 pm - 5 pm

Social Impact & Philanthropy- Dr Lakshmi Karan (session chair)

  • Arun Nagpal - Mrida Group, India - Mpowered Villages: Sharing Experiences and Learning from Sharing PDF  YouTube

  • PANEL - Dr Lakshmi Karan (Moderator) - Genentech - Charitable Giving Current platforms/activities related to social impact investing; gaps in rural women programs 

  • Panel members - Shally Shanker (AiiM), Blessing Okorougu (FB), Kavitha Nalla (PS) YouTube 

  • Outcome action plan focus - Opportunities in directing social impact investments for accelerating measurable changes in women's lives in rural & under-served communities.  

5 pm - 5:30 pm

Breakout Session - Dr Sundar Kamath and Dr KJS Anand (session chairs)

  • Each Panel/Working Group to discuss their key issues & develop response framework to present back to audience

5:30 pm - 6 pm

Reporting & Wrap Up

  • Dr. Sundar Kamath - Sanmina Corporation - Ideal Village progress report PDF

  • Panel/working Group will present Highlights from their Breakout session

  • Discussion on follow thru - Action Plans, 30/60/90 day reporting

6 pm

Evening Reception

  • Reception, Networking

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