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2018 Conference Scope

Purpose, Goals of Conference:

  • Sharing of Information – needs, solutions, case studies, success models to replicate.

  • Forum for Collaboration, Networking, Sharing of social impact efforts, focused on Women.

  • Developing Outcomes driven action plans for Key Issues.

Target Audience:

  • Industry: Silicon Valley and US companies, Startups and Multinationals.

  • Universities, NGOs, Government, & UN agencies, WHO, etc.

  • Private Foundations, VCs, Social impact investors.

Key Issues to address in Outcomes driven Action Plan:

  • Improving healthcare delivery for women and children in rural / underserved communities.

  • Creating values based and culturally-grounded educational opportunities for girls and young women.

  • Influencing changes in government policies and social programs to enhance gender equality and leadership opportunities for rural women.

  • Directing social impact investments to develop entrepreneurship opportunities which generate  sustainable livelihoods for rural women in the context of a male-centric business ecosystem.

Desired Results (long term):

  • Execute above Outcomes driven action plans to demonstrate progress prior to 2019 conference.

  • Put in place structure and mechanism for funding Social Impact projects, women entrepreneurs.

  • Develop Social Impact business case approach, based on Stanford SEED template, for approving project funding.

  • Identify and fund 3-5 new and specific women empowerment initiatives in Ideal Village context.

  • Demonstrate fully operational Ideal Villages, which can be scaled globally.

  • Develop Ideal Village Center in Stanford (Medicine, Engineering, Business, Education) as collaboration platform and clearinghouse for ideas, solutions, and the analytics needed to assess progress, impact and best practices.

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