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Agenda - Ideal Village Conference at Stanford

Theme: Corporate Social Responsibility 
Rural Development, Under-served Urban Communities & Inner Cities

7:45 am

Registration & Breakfast

8:15 am

Welcome & Ideal Village Update

  • Welcome: Dr K.J.S. Anand, Professor of Pediatrics, Stanford School of Medicine CA

  • The Ideal Village Progress Report - Dr Sundar Kamath, Senior VP, Sanmina Corp. San Jose CA PDF

8:45 am

Health & Nutrition

Session Chair:  Dr. Shaun Setty, Cardio Vascular Surgeon, Long Beach Memorial Hospital, CA

9:45 am

Coffee Break


10:00 am

Education & Connectivity

Session Chair: Kevin Sheehan, Founder, Hope Collaborative, Boston MA 

  • Keynote: Vince Liberatore, (Airband US, Microsoft, Seattle): Microsoft's Airband Initiative - Bridging the Digital Divide PDF

  • Dr Maneesha (Dean of Int'l Programs, Amritha University, Kollam, India): Science & Innovation for a Sustainable future: Live-In Labs PDF

  • Dr Renuka Gupta (CEO, Pardada Pardadi Educational Society, UP India): The Indian Girl Child PDF

  • Bhuvana Santhanam (Head Global Outreach, SAI Global Federations, India): Values and culturally based education free of cost for rural children Video

  • Sanjeev Tanna (Founder/CEO, Next Generation Nations CA): Empowering Next Gen leaders in solving 21 global challenges  PDF

11:15 am

Reinventing Capitalism

Session Chair:  Rowena Koenig, The Sierra Club CA PDF

  • Keynote - Mohamed Amersi, The Amersi Foundation, London UK PDF

11:45 am

​Special Invited Talk

Jon Levingston (Exec Director, Coahoma County Chamber of Commerce, Clarksdale MS) PDF & Mitzi Woods (Workforce Director, South Delta Planning & Development, MS) PDF

  • History, Justice, & the Mississippi Delta: How One Company is Breaking the Cycle of Poverty.

12:15 pm



1:00 pm

Tech & Policy Innovation for Inclusive Empowerment to scale SDGs

Session Chair & Moderator: Radhika Shah, Co-President Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs PDF

  • Panel Discussion:

  • Anshu Gupta (Founder/Director, Goonj)

  • Seema Paul (Managing Director, The Nature Conservancy, India) 

  • Richard Dasher  (US-Asia Tech Management Center, Stanford) PDF

1:45 pm

Conference Keynote

The business of business is to improve the state of the world - Manjula Talreja, SVP Salesforce PDF

2:15 pm

Energy, Water, Food

Session Chair: Dr. Sundar Kamath, Senior VP, Sanmina Corporation, CA

  • Keynote:  Biogas as Fuel - Dr V Venkataraman, EVP Bloom Energy, Sunnyvale CA PDF

  • Dr Michael Machala (Post-doc fellow, Stanford Energy Institute CA) PDF

  • Ronit Kanwar (CEO & Co-founder, Empower Energy, Oxford UK) PDF

3:15 pm

Coffee Break


3:30 pm

Sustainable Livelihoods

Session Chair: Kate Cochran, CEO Upaya Social Ventures, Seattle WA PDF

  • Panel Discussion: 

  • Charu Adesnik (Deputy Director, Cisco Foundation, San Jose CA) Video  PDF

  • Mattea Fleischner (Manager Global Programs, Starbucks Company, Seattle WA) Video

  • Patricio Prini (Global VP Tech Innovation, Anheuser Busch InBev, Mountain View CA) PDF

4:30 pm

India’s CSR Ecosystem - The Takeaways

Session Chair: Mohamed Amersi, The Amersi Foundation UK

  • Keynote: Leveraging CSR for Rural Transformation - Priya Naik, Founder/CEO, Samhita Social Ventures, Mumbai, India PDF

  • Agritech Innovation Initiatives: 

  • Dr. Srini Pappula (Global Head, Digital Farming, Tata Consultancy Services, Hyderabad, India) PDF

  • Krishna Kumar (Founder & CEO, Cropin Technology Solutions, Bangalore India) PDF

5:40 pm

Closing Keynote: Naren Kini, Director, Heartfulness Institute, Fremont CA


6:00 pm

Wrap Up & Networking Mixer, Refreshments

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