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Planned Outcomes for 2019 Ideal Village Conference

Theme: Corporate Social Responsibility

4th Ideal Village Conference, June 25 2019

Planned Outcomes for 2019 Conference:

  1. Showcase the most impactful CSR activities in N. America, India, Africa, Europe

  2. Promote CSR funding for ongoing development projects including Ideal Village initiatives 

  3. Enable collaboration between different CSR and social impact initiatives to aid scaling efforts

  4. Discuss policy changes in the US in light of India’s unique CSR policy for promoting rural development.

Theme: Women Empowerment

3rd Ideal Village Conference, June 26 2018

2018 Conference attendance:  Last year, we had cut-off online registration at 150; however a total of 209 people registered (including walk-ins). 182 attended the conference with participants from 34 countries.  The program ended at 5:30 PM, but 40-50 people continued active discussions until 8:00 PM.

Theme: Collaborations for the Ideal Village

2nd Ideal Village Conference, June 16 2017

Theme: Innovations for the Ideal Village

1st Ideal Village Conference, June 15 2016

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